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Texas bird flu virus case may be first mammal-to-human spread

A new report on the primary human fowl flu case tied to the outbreak in cows in the USA means

H5N1 bird flu virus started spreading in cows in Texas in December

As agricultural authorities and epidemiologists attempt to get their arms across the scope of the newest confounding chapter within the

Texas board proposes rules on abortion law emergency exemption

The Texas Medical Board, responding to strain from the state Supreme Courtroom and widespread uncertainty amongst physicians, proposed draft steerage

In shift, Texas to cover initial consult for Afghan baby’s gene therapy

The Pashai household of Dallas on Thursday bought some excellent news, however not precisely the information they'd spent the final

Abortions denied for hundreds in Texas despite health risks, data show

A Texas lady’s unsuccessful authorized battle for an abortion on medical emergency grounds drew nationwide headlines in latest days, however

Texas abortions, Mission Health and HCA

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