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10 Ways to Start Spreading It and Optimism Right Now

“A pessimist sees the problem in each alternative; an optimist sees the chance in each issue.”Winston Churchill Optimism. It may

H5N1 bird flu virus started spreading in cows in Texas in December

As agricultural authorities and epidemiologists attempt to get their arms across the scope of the newest confounding chapter within the

Avian flu in cattle is spreading; scientists want more data on H5N1

With H5N1 hen flu spreading to extra dairy cow herds, scientists and pandemic consultants on this nation and overseas are

What To Know About Rapidly Spreading ‘Pirola’ Covid Variant BA.2.86—And If Vaccines Offer Protection

Topline Pirola, or BA.2.86, is the third most prevalent Covid strain in the U.S., and although there may be concerns

Malaria Is Spreading In The U.S. An Infectious Disease Doctor Explains This Troubling Trend

Orient mosquito (Anopheles minimus), engorged with blood, feeding on the human host, 2005. Image ... courtesy Centers for Disease Control

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Your one-stop resource for medical news and education.