Posted: 3/6/2013 4:31 PM by
Interim HealthCare


Good nutrition is important at any age. But for adults 65 and over with chronic diseases, eating right  takes on even more importance. Whether you have high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol, there are food choices you can make that will not only improve your condition, but also increase longevity. For instance, a diabetic will want to control the quantity of sugar and starch they eat, while someone with high blood pressure or hypertension will need to reduce their intake of salt.


This March is the 40th anniversary of National Nutrition Month®, a time set aside to draw attention to the need for everyone to make informed choices about their diet. This year’s theme, “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day,” takes into account that different people have different cultural and ethnic food traditions, as well as food preferences and health concerns, that may impact what they eat. Here are some easy tips for seniors to follow to improve their diet:

  • Make fruits and/or vegetables half of your plate
  • Choose whole grains at least half of the time
  • Switch to fat-free or low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt
  • Vary your protein choices
  • Reduce salt/sodium, solid fats and added sugars

Senior nutrition is very important part of your health and our Care Professionals can assist you with assist clients, and their families, make the best choices when it comes to their diet and nutritional needs.